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Using Bar Modelling to Support Mathematical Understanding

Eversley Primary School, Chaseville Park Road
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Course description

In the first session we will look at the approaches and developments in the maths curriculum within Singapore and how since the 1980s their children have outperformed children across the world in PISA and TiMMs assessments. We will follow the CPA approach to teaching and learning and look at progression within bar modelling. The session will end with a small gap task.


The second session will enable participants to reflect on their learning and gap task, develop their understanding even further, and begin to develop a whole school policy that will help this approach become embedded back at their educational establishment.

Key objectives

This course will…

 Give an understanding of the bar model approach to teaching and learning and the pedagogy underpinning it
consider how this can be applied across different domains in maths
look at progression in bar modelling
consider a whole school approach to bar modelling

Course aims:
to look at the approaches used in Singapore and understand why they are effective
to understand the theory and pedagogy underpinning bar modelling
to become familiar with the Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract approach (CPA) that underpins this approach
to become more familiar with the manipulatives that are needed to support understanding
to have opportunities to solve a range of problems using the bar models
to understand the different types of models used, such as part-whole (discrete and continuous), comparison and transformations
to consider progression within bar modelling and how this can be applied across different domains within the maths curriculum
to explore how reasoning and literacy skills, including speaking & listening, are developed by using this approach
to begin to develop a whole school policy, including examples for all year groups


Additional Information

Audience: Class teachers and maths leaders


I No charge to schools that have bought back into the Professional Development SLA

II Non buyback LA Maintained Schools and non buyback Academies £500 per attendee.


Start Date
Thursday 14 November 2019
End Date
Wednesday 26 February 2020
Closing Date
Wednesday 13 November 2019
09:00 - 16:00
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