About Us

About Us

Our Approach

The School Standards and Support Team work with schools across the Borough to identify the professional learning and development needs of colleagues. The key driver is to equip the schools’ workforce with the knowledge and skills to raise achievement and make positive impacts on outcomes for Enfield’s children and young people. This is in essence grassroots school improvement.

Collaboration and partnerships with our schools and academies continues to grow and deepen. Increasingly the capacity and expertise to deliver the Enfield Professional Learning Programmes is drawn from expert practitioners and experienced leaders based in schools in Enfield’s schools.

Currently more than 80% of our programmes are delivered by Enfield based expert practitioners and school leaders. This is professional development and learning “for teachers, by teachers”. We have achieved a major shift in our approach and during 2018-19 we will have five major research evidenced projects delivered in Enfield. Our vision is every school will participate in at least one. So far, in partnership with our schools, we are supporting the following mayor and far-reaching projects; Narrowing the Gap at KS1 with UCL/IOE; the SSIF grant supported Improving Inference at KS2; GROW@KS3 with UCL/IOE; soon to be launched “Improving Early Years” and in the Autumn “Improving Reading for Pupils with Autism”.

Improving reading is the common thread in these projects, collaboration with Enfield’s Teaching Schools and other expert practitioners from across Enfield provides the capacity to deliver. These projects represent a significant contribution to the “self-improving school system” in which we are all stakeholders.

What Makes Us Different?

We are all proud of the extent of partnership working within Enfield across all phases, stages and types of school. We are now at the stage of our development when we increasingly refer to “Enfield’s Professional Learning Community”. We have plans for more formally recognising and celebrating the achievements of this learning community. We have already begun to share the vision for embedding the current successes and we are taking steps to ensure the continuing momentum and sustainability of our joint practice development in relation to both pedagogy and leadership.

The advent of Enfield Professional Development Online will strengthen our work and enable more comprehensive information regarding the impact of professional development to be collected thus enabling us to target our precious resources even more effectively.

Our Team

We are all the Enfield Professional Learning Team! At various stages in our careers we may be mainly recipients in the Learning Community e.g. NQTs or aspiring/beginning leaders but as we develop our professional competence there are plenty of opportunities within schools and across Enfield to join other teacher networks in order to progress joint practice development.

The role of the service is to steer the strategic requirements of a Professional Learning Community and ensure either through the relevant traded services or successful grant applications that the resources are available to drive the Programmes. The School Standards and Support Service will plan, coordinate, contribute to some delivery but increasing “train the trainers”, quality assure the Programmes, as well as participate and support as required by schools the relevant networks and partnerships in Enfield which provide the capacity for our Professional Learning Community.

We can all be proud of the achievements to date and we look forward to working with you all to further improve, “fine tune” and constantly review Enfield’s Professional Learning opportunities.